Lauren and Seb are truly the best kind of people. From our initial chats about what they wanted for their wedding day, I knew it was going to be something special. Going back to Seb's Ottawa roots, they chose this venue nestled in a little neighbourhood in the city, and from there it just seemed like a lovely family reunion, with great people, DELICIOUS food, and music.

With only a few speeches, lots of tears, they moved onto the "big show" officiated by their friend, who shed even more tears (but we won't mention that).

After a great dinner including seafood from the groom's family business, they had square dancing on the lawn which couldn't have been more epic.

Knowing Lauren and Seb only on their wedding day, I couldn't imagine a better celebration for them. It suited them so much, and they were surrounded by the best people. And I can't forget to mention, a beautiful vintage wedding dress.

I'm sure many more adventures await, thank you for including me in this one.